Cold Pressed JUICE CLEANSE plan

At PURE JUICE BAR we believe that juice cleansing programs are something more than just eating a healthy and balanced diet on a daily basis. So we have carefully created a series of 1/3/5/7 day cleansing programs that you can safely follow, as and when you choose them.

The cold press plan cleanses the body is not a diet, it is a form of healthy diet. Our juices include a variety of fruits, vegetables, and dairy-free lactose in a way that provides enough fuel to support your body.

What are cold pressed juices:

The difference between a juice made in a conventional juicer from a fresh natural juice made by the method of hydraulic press is that these juices keep the nutrients and enzymes of the fruits and vegetables almost intact, at the same time their ingredients are not damaged , while extending their life in the refrigerator for up to 72 hours.

It is worth considering

the possibility of cleansing if:
you are constantly feeling tired
you experience digestive disorders
your skin is not fresh and shiny
you have some stubborn pounds that you want to get rid of
are you prone to sugary foods or caffeine

You can download

Our menu of cold pressed juices

It can help

to feel:
cleaner and lighter
active and refreshed
more aware of what you put into your body
relaxed and balanced
greater motivation to pursue a healthy lifestyle