“Our primary goal is to improve the food habits of the public who come into contact with us by providing foods of high nutritional value and a variety of different flavors. “


What are the principals behind Pure Juice Bar?

The primary goal is to improve the eating habits of the PJB’s public by providing high nutritional food options and a variety of flavors. The best way to achieve this is by eating raw fruits and vegetables so they don’t lose most of their vitamins. We strive to balance the eating habits of the local residents, employees, students and tourists.

What can someone find in our store?

From the first moment you visit us you will love the fruit and superfood combinations in our unique recipes. The emphasis is not only on the delicious taste but also on the nutritional value and beneficial effects of the ingredients. You can pick any combination of fruits or vegetables you wish. You’ll also find organic 100% Arabica coffee, lactose free drinks, raw energy bars, handmade healthy cakes, fruit salads, healthy wraps, salads and a wide selection of savory and sweet bowls. Buddha bowls, which are an ideal choice for the main course of your day, they are delicious, nutritious and made up with a balance of nutrients, fiber, vitamins and trace elements. The acai bowls and chia puddings with blue spirulina are the perfect breakfast for the most dynamic start of a very demanding day.

What is the differentiating factor we bring to the market?

We based the PJB on three key pillars. Fresh products with daily deliveries of our raw materials from our suppliers, choices between authentic recipes in superfood smoothies, which are carefully designed to offer different properties. While at the same time satisfying even the most demanding customer. We also want to utilize raw materials that are unique to our country. The environmental footprint in our business is a key component that we try to emphasize a lot in our decision making process.

Do you believe that Greeks have shifted towards a healthier lifestyle?

A store like ours is a new concept for Greek market. We believe consumers are ready to embrace such stores because it fits perfectly with their habits and lifestyle. We have seen to a great extent that in recent years there is a major shift to healthier choices, mainly by the younger crowd and by people with experiences from abroad.

Which option from your menu would you suggest to a new customer?

We recommend our acai bowl which is made with 100% organic acai from the Brazilian Amazon, guarana, and fresh fruit. Great as ice cream, nutritious, healthy and full of vitamins and energy.


Are you interested in joining our team and working in our chain of stores?

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