The greatest wealth is health

Healthy eating nowadays is not just an option. It is a must. Fruits and vegetables are the most natural and true way to get all the necessary ingredients needed throughout the day.

There are increasingly more people starting to learn, recognize and look for superfoods as an additional source for benefits in their food lifestyle. And fortunately for us in Greece the Mediterranean diet has plenty of them. They are 100% natural and full of valuable nutrients that would shield your body throughout the day. And because they are 100% organic, that means they come from farmers who respect their crops and land.

At PJB everyone is welcome.
We believe that it is always a question of balance, not excessiveness.
Regardless of our eating habits, it is important to always live a balanced healthy life.
PJB’s products are full of vitamins, minerals and enzymes from fresh fruit and vegetables that assist in the daily detoxification of the body. At PJB we are committed to always offer the healthiest dietary options available. The menu consists of fresh natural juices, delicious fruit smoothies with the addition of superfoods to boost your body, healthy snacks and 100% Arabica espresso coffee. The menu is designed in that way for every choice to satisfy while provide all the nutrients the body needs.

TRY for yourself

Fresh and seasonal ingredients every day.